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My Services

I have been seeing clients since 2002. I think a lot about therapy and how I can be the best help to people who are going through tough times. I have learnt many different evidence-based therapies. I have been trained in Cognitive Behavioural approaches, Play Therapies, Solution focused and Narrative approaches, Trauma and Attachment-based approaches, and Family Therapy, just to name a few.


Based on the research on therapy, what I have learnt is that the alliance between us is critical for any change to occur (which means I work hard to make therapy fit your needs and preferences). We will develop shared goals and form an approach that will fit with your hopes for therapy. I use a research-based feedback approach (Feedback Informed Treatment, Miller and colleagues, 2012) in which I regularly monitor progress and alliance, in order to ensure that the therapy is meeting your needs. This also informs me when therapy is not progressing as expected, which allows me to change parts of the process to get us back on track.

I see people of all ages, as I appreciate the lessons of life that come from young children through to the elderly. We all have in us a wise elder who knows the truth when given the time and attention. I am able to work in a variety of ways, from seeing clients’ individually to seeing whole families together in order to work on resolving issues.

Fees and Rebates

Individual sessions -  $230 per session (1 hour)

Family/Couple sessions - $230 per session (1 hour)

Medicare rebates can be obtained for mental health issues via a GP referred Mental Health Treatment Plan via the Better Access Scheme. Individuals are able to obtain up to 10 sessions per calendar year. Medicare will provide a rebate of $131.50/session. Unfortunately I am not a Bulk billing Psychologist. Please speak to your GP about your eligibility to obtain a Mental Health Treatment Plan referral.


Private health insurance can also be used to claim part of your session expenses depending on your type of cover. Please contact your private health provider directly to obtain information on your plan and coverage for psychological sessions.


Individual Therapy

Anxiety and Stress
Family and relationship difficulties
Parenting issues
Grief and Loss
Behavioural difficulties


Family and Couples Therapy

Family Therapy is aimed at helping families work on issues together and improve communication and relationships.

Couples Therapy is aimed at improving communication between partners and strengthening the relationship.

Group Meeting

Individual and Group Supervision

I have a strong interest in providing supervision to fellow professionals. I have supervised many Psychologists and other Health Professionals, as well as supervised people in order to achieve their clinical endorsement. 

I have a keen interest in Group Supervision, and have experience providing this format for the Child and Youth Mental Health teams, along with others. There is great benefit that comes from group learning and support.


Training and Consultancy

I present on topics related to Family/Systemic Therapy, Working Systemically with Services, Working with Complex Cases of Developmental Trauma, Solution Focused Therapy, and Mindfulness.

I can provide organisational consultation with complex cases, as well as offer support to organisations related to team functioning and Team Supervision.

Individual Therapy
Family and Couple Therapy
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