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Welcome to my exciting new website!!

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

​I am excited to share my new website, which I recently launched to set off the year 2020! A year for clarity of vision (20/20) and focus. I am looking forward to offering psychological services to the public, as well as professional supervision and training/consultation to organisations.

My main passion in Psychology is centred on the process of change, whether related to therapy, supervision, and education. I am a deep thinker and I think a lot about life and its inherent challenges and opportunities. I see how life can beat us up at times, and how we can rise to the challenge at other times. I appreciate supporting people in discovering how they can move from feeling emotional beaten up to rising to the challenge. Although I am interested in the process of change, I find it helpful to return to a more humble beginning, as "in this life we cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love" (Mother Teresa).

My main interest in blogging came from the wish to share my thinking about life with who ever wants to read it. Before I had kids, I used to write a diary with all my daily experiences and lessons from life, and applying various theories to my experiences. My hope is to re-create this, and share my experiences from life as a person, a parent, a husband, and a therapist. I hope this will be of interest to you, and that my experiences may resonate with yours.

My blog will be structured into two sections:

For clients - This section will be anchored to the client or general public. Blogs will focus on sharing therapeutic insights from my experience working with clients each week. My goal will be to share 'life struggles and processes of change' that come from my shared work with clients, and making clinical knowledge come alive through real life examples.

For professionals - This section will be anchored to the professional. Blogs will focus on the therapeutic process and my learnings from clients based on feedback informed treatment. I am so fascinated by how therapy can be a helpful conversation between two or more people, and want to share my learnings from my attempts at being helpful, and my clients experiences in the process.

My goal for 2020 will be to write one blog a month for clients and professionals. Wish me luck!

Please feel free to share your thoughts.

I wish you well, Mark

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